Specializing in small business owners, self employed individuals, and families. Click the link below to contact one of our insurance specialist.
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We’re dedicated to your care.

Elite Healthcare Solutions believes healthcare coverage should be affordable and accessible. Our team specializes in finding and customizing health insurance plans that best fit the needs and preferences of small business owners, self employed individuals, and families.

There's a plan for that.

No matter your situation, we have the solution for you. Our options offer a range of benefits based on your needs and budget:

  • Comprehensive Private Plans
  • Zero Co-Pay Plans
  • Zero Deductible Plans
  • Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Cash Supplements Plans
  • Critical Illness Coverage
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans

Access to Telehealth

Elite Healthcare Solutions offers telehealth plans to connect you with board-certified doctors 24/7. With direct access to telemedicine, you can consult with a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home and avoid prolonged hours of waiting in a hospital or clinic. This convenient, virtual care option allows patients to address a range of urgent care needs and seek treatment with just a click of a button. For more information, contact us at
or call 855-501-1516.