About Us

Everyone deserves healthcare coverage. At Elite Healthcare Solutions, we believe your coverage should be affordable and accessible. With the largest PPO network in the United States, we can do just that. Our team specializes in finding and customizing healthcare insurance plans that best fit the needs and preferences of individuals, families and small business owners. We’re licensed in more than 25 states, which means we understand the nuances of varying laws and provider networks so you don’t have to.

Elite Healthcare’s depth of expertise gives us the ability to underwrite our plans, build a custom plan of corporate-style benefits, and offer a range of insurance products. We provide access to a multitude of healthcare options, including no copay and no deductible plans, full comprehensive plans and access through the Affordable Care Act, short-term plans and several private options. We also offer products and supplements to enhance your existing health insurance plan through personalized association benefits, including critical illness, short-term disability, life insurance, and dental and vision care.

If you have preexisting conditions, an unexpected loss of health insurance or a need for coverage for your employees, Elite Healthcare can find the solution that suits you. Request a quote or contact us today and get covered.

Contact us today by calling 855-501-1516 or emailing info@elitehealthcaresolutions.net!